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COVID effect: 7 new consumer shopping behaviour trends in South Africa

Frank Smidt leads the Retail selling team at Google geographic region wherever he tracks shopper trends. Linah Maigurira, Retail selling team lead at Google geographical area, provides seven insights specific to South African retailers.

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, store closures, home schooling, and more; COVID-19 turned most people’s lives the wrong way up nightlong — and one space that was directly wedged was retail. From a shopper’s initial analysis up till the instant of purchase, suddenly several client journeys area unit preponderantly going down on-line.

But what will retailers do to beat the challenges brought on by this major shift? sensible Shopper, a study commissioned by Google and conducted by Kantar in might 2020, shines a light-weight on looking behaviours throughout the pandemic to assist inform whole, marketing, and shopper ways — currently and for the longer term.

  1. on-line purchase share for slow moving merchandise has doubled year-on-year

In Republic of South Africa, curfews were established from twenty six March, impacting looking habits and the way purchase selections area unit created. With a strict internment implemented till one might, followed by the gradual reopening of some stores for everyday necessities, several non-essential retail stores had to remain closed.

While there has been associate uplift in on-line purchase share for slow moving merchandise (consumer physics, home and garden, fashion, food and groceries, beauty), offline remained the most purchase channel for fast-paced merchandise, that were still obtainable in grocery outlets and pharmacies that were allowed to be open throughout internment.

Action: Focus on getting your brand’s omnichannel expertise optimised and take away convenience pain points. Post internment, we tend to expect searchpers can still shop on-line, and part swing back to offline looking habits.

  1. a lot of shopping for selections area unit being created on-line

Shoppers showed augmented on-line product discovery and analysis, particularly on Search. curiously, the analysis discovered higher ad recall, especially, if the ad exposure is aligned with alternative touchpoints, like Search and on-line video. looking apps, particularly from retailers, gained augmented traction within the path to buy.

Even during this dynamic surroundings, physical stores stay an important a part of the user journey. however as routines and schedules modification for retailers, thus do the shopping behaviours of their shoppers, with shoppers demonstrating a rise in on-line and channel-agnostic purchase preferences. This shift makes omnichannel ways, and prioritising shopper journey on-line touchpoints, even a lot of vital.

Action: Focus even a lot of on on-line ads and on-line selling by adjusting your selling combine for digital versus offline channels. action is essential and shoppers stay open for advertising even in times of crisis.

  1. looking apps area unit on the increase

Thirty-five p.c of all South African shoppers currently have looking apps put in on their phone, compared to half-hour in 2019. These apps area unit a combination of retail merchant and individual whole apps. Shoppers area unit possibly to possess apps from verticals as well as shopper physics (35%), home and garden (39%), and fashion (33%) put in.1

Action: though purchases on mobile internet outweigh those in app (58% versus thirty eighth in 2020 respectively),2 downloads of looking apps area unit rising, underscoring the demand for omnichannel choices. This makes it worthy to order promoting your app to drive downloads and adoption within the market. With shoppers’ phones invariably by their facet, associate app may supply distinctive opportunities for personalized selling communications.

  1. a lot of on-line looking doesn’t invariably mean fewer pain points

As shopper looking evolves and on-line to offline class dependencies have augmented, the quantity of pain points visaged by on-line patrons in Republic of South Africa fluctuated. a lot of shopper physics and residential and garden shoppers visaged issues in 2020 than in 2019 (66% and fifty six respectively),3 whereas fewer food and sweetness shoppers toughened issues (67% in 2020 and seventy seven in 2019).4 The majority of pain points were caused by registration or login required to checkout, lack of stock handiness, or technical problems within the purchase method.

Action: order giving resistance experiences. think about permitting shoppers the choice to checkout as a guest. guarantee users’ would like lists and baskets area unit synched to their accounts thus data is accessible despite that device they’re on.

  1. Search and video play a much bigger role in on-line marketing research and whole selection

As they analysis their product on-line, shoppers are using Search significantly a lot of in 2020, across all classes. retail merchant websites and apps furthermore as on-line product videos have additionally mature in quality.

Action: Be useful. Keep orienting offers, selling techniques, and campaigns. order mobile friendly ad exposure experiences, across inventive, website, apps, and Search. provide shoppers an extra reason to decide on your product by driving presence with brand videos on YouTube.

  1. Loyalty isn’t secured as shoppers show affinity for attempting new brands

COVID-19 has massively accelerated digital shopper trends, with consumers’ looking preferences shifting and patrons seeking out new product. South African shoppers showed high loyalty to retailers United Nations agency offered a convenient looking expertise in times of internment, whether or not the retail merchant was acquainted to them or not. can this have a long-lasting effect? that’s nevertheless to be seen, however there area unit leading indicators that this can be.

As the uncertainty and inconvenience caused by COVID-19 continues to possess an impression on consumer behaviour, now could be the time for retailers to be clear concerning their whole promise. hear your customers’ wants, learn from their behaviour, and adapt your operations consequently.

Consumers United Nations agency bought new brands or tried new retailers in 2020 weren’t to a fault involved concerning quality or recommendations from alternative shoppers. Instead, for shoppers in Republic of South Africa, convenience (40%), value (39%), and stock handiness (33%) were at the forefront of purchase selections, with speed (41%) being the foremost vital issue of all.